Hot Take: Overly Curated Instagram Feeds Are Officially A Thing Of The Past

Filters? Don't know her.
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These days, there is no need to pretend you are doing anything other than disassociating on the bus and drinking too much boba to make your life appear exciting online.

Now social feeds are jam-packed with white noise content that reflects the gritty realness of our everyday lives, and as it turns out, this hits a bit sweeter than the overly curated feeds of yesteryear.

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The new Gen Z age of social media is finally upon us, and gosh, aren’t we lucky. 

We can ditch attempting to achieve uncomfortable poses, and we are no longer slaves to capturing moments we really should just be living.

Now we can just take a pic of some typically non-noteworthy event-less snapshot of our day and fling it on the gram without a second thought. That sounds like some real chaotic power to us. 

Girlfriend has rounded up some of the post popular social trends that are set to dominate 2021.

Billie Eilish loves to disassociate on her gram. (Credit: Instagram)

Filters ain’t it! 

Oversaturated filters were the OG trend to enter the ghosts of shocking social media trends past when Instagram first became a thing. Since then, we have been bombarded dog filters, toxic face editing tools, face tuning and filters with names like Retro Cam, Caramel Latte and Vintage Vibes. Yea, we’re ready for the real deal now, dudes. 

That’s why it’s super refreshing to see people doing away with it all and saying, “Screw it, I’mma aggressively post non-filtered pics cos I am a QUEEN.” 

Yep, non-filtered Insta posts sing in unison with the body acceptance movement. To be filter-free is liberating yourself from all the years of feeling uncomfortable hiding yourself.

Cub Sport lead singer Tim Nelson. (Credit: Instagram)
Ariana Grande. (Credit: Instagram)
Bella Hadid. (Credit: Instagram)

No more stylised pics, pls

No one is pretending anymore that their life is photo perfect because, frankly, no one’s life is.

So, a trend dominating your friends, siblings and even your fave celeb accounts is posting the pictures that would usually get sent to the bin.

It doesn’t even need to make sense – it can be blurry or even awkward looking, and it will pass the vibe check.

This progression makes a lot of sense since perfectly-curated-social-media-fatigue is real.

Hot tip: Maintaining a perfectly curated grid is pretty boring but recklessly throwing up some half-arsed snap of yourself without a second thought is thrilling.

Emma Chamberlain. (Credit: Instagram)
Emma Chamberlain. (Credit: Instagram.)
Phoebe Tonkin. (Credit: Instagram)

A screenshot of your iPhone gallery

This one is the epitome of ‘yes, give us nothing, girl’, but our nosy habits can’t help but get sucked into knowing such an intimate thing about a person.

We all know that an iPhone gallery is no man’s land, with potentially damning results if in the wrong hands.

However, posting a screenshot of your gallery isn’t meant to be a risk on your life but rather a curated frame of your fav moments over the past week or month.

It is a little bit vulnerable and also a little bit of a flex.

Bachie contestant Bella Varelis has it down pat. (Credit: Instagram)
Shay Mitchell’s adorable ode to her baby Atlas. (Credit: Instagram)

Snapchat emoji streaks 

Dating as a teen is all about getting snapped an emoji from that cutie in geography.

This trend plays out when you exchange your snap with Mr Geo, and after a few weeks of sending pics of the ground to each other, Mr Geo ups the ante by sending a snap with an emoji. This is when things get interesting, and the emoji snap streak takes complete form.

The back and forth goes on for as long as you and your snap partner can keep up a solid emoji game, and you can know for sure that he is totally into you.

Cause you know what they say, it’s totally on when a boy stops snapping you the floor and sends that cute lil mushroom emoji!


An example of a snap emoji streak. (Snapchat)
Another primo example. (Snapchat)

Self-deprecating humour on TikTok

TikTok is reclaiming the power of our mediocrity and finding the humour in our shortcomings.

There are TikTokers out there making fun of themselves for getting rejected, being ‘ugly’ (but never boring), and many are candidly putting out on the internet their most embarrassing moments, like sending an unfinished email to their dentist that reads “, I am afraid.”

If you aren’t the butt of your own joke on TikTok, then don’t be afraid to do it – peak content awaits… 


it’s always the most self deprecating jokes too LMAO #fyp

♬ original sound – yungtwunkg0d

#stitch with @findingmrheight I like this trend and never pass up an opportunity for a self-deprecating joke #lego

♬ original sound – Gabe the geek

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