These are all the ways you can dig up your memories on Instagram

Relive the embarrassing glory of your old stories, posts, usernames and even bios.

Instagram is a Libra. We weren’t aware of this until this morning: the social media platform just turned a whole ten years old on the 6th of October. If that doesn’t make it the ideal moment to reflect on just how much time you’ve poured into the app, then there surely isn’t one. Instagram has rolled out a number of new updates to the app, and some of them are pretty much made for you to sit and have a little nostalgia-binge scroll.

A lot has changed in the years since Instagram first became an automatic download to your new phone. We haven’t always had Reels, Stories, and Vanish Mode, and we reckon it’s fair to say we haven’t always had to keep our profiles professional. If you’re intrigued about what cringeworthy Bios you might have had four years ago, or what you deemed fit to post on your Instagram Story back in 2018, we’ve got the guides for you.

How to see your old Instagram Stories

So, as we all know, one of the best parts of a Story on Instagram is its ephemeral nature. It’s here and then it’s gone! No traces left on your pristine profile of a tipsy night out. (Those live on only in sneaky screencaps and screen recordings of said Story.)

However, in 2017, Instagram introduced a feature that allows you to see all of your old Instagram stories. The Archive section of your account includes a copy of all the Stories you’ve posted after the 2017 update, as long as you’ve had the ‘save to archive’ function enabled. (You can turn it off if the idea of storing memories doesn’t float your boat.)

Per Bustle, “It’s pretty simple to access. To get to your Instagram Archive, go to your profile on your mobile app. Then, access the Menu by tapping the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. In the list of options that come up, you should see your Archive listed underneath Settings. Tap it. This should bring you to a screen filled with all of the Stories.” From your Stories Archive, you’re able to reshare your memories again.

In the new update, Instagram has also debuted a new way to look at your Stories: via a calendar and a map. So, if you want to look for a particular story by time or place, you’ll be able to see it much clearer than just endless scrolling.

How to see all your old Instagram bios

Hoo boy, this one’s the real kicker. There’s something about an Instagram bio that has the same opportunity for past-you to embarrass future-you as an MSN Messenger username or a first email address. Just a lot of: “why did I ever think this was a good idea?”

To see your old Instagram bios head to the ‘Settings’ section in the app, choose ‘Security’ and then choose ‘Access Data.’ From there you’ve got a delightful selection of information to download at your will. You can choose ‘Former bio texts’ to see every version of your bio that’s existed until now, as well as your former usernames, full names and links in bio, you know, for the full experience.

Anyway, let this be a reminder to us all the Internet is written in ink. Sleep soundly knowing your embarrassing receipts are only ever a click or a screenshot away.

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