Welcome to Gemini season: here’s what it means for your sign

♊️🔮✨ Get ready for a shift in energy.

As the sun moves into a new sign the energy in the cosmos shifts with it.

You might be feeling the strain of leaving the self-care loving Taurus behind – which favours patience and luxury – for Gemini. This sign is defined by a penchant for gossip, drama, and flakiness, which can really wear you down after a while. Gemini is the twin sign of the zodiac and has enough personality for two people: It’s not called Big Gemini Energy for no reason.

When the sun is in Gemini – which occurs annually from May 21 – June 21 – it affects each zodiac differently. Those who’ll feel it most? Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. Sensitive water signs might have a tough time this Gemini season and find it difficult to focus.

This transition is potent with energy as Mercury — Gemini’s ruling planet — will form a conjunction with the sun just a few hours after Gemini season begins. While in Taurus, Mercury was patient, slow-moving, and possibly even rigid. The shift into Gemini will open the sails, get the ball rolling, and overwhelm your mind with creative ideas.


Fast-moving Mercury will stay in the Twins for less than two weeks, moving into Cancer on June 4. During this short time, expect to see a surge in quick-thinking, multi-tasking, and smooth-talking.

Fire signs will have their flames bolstered by Gemini with Leo, Sagittarius and Aries having an opposite experience. It might feel like your shackles have been broken and you’re flying high.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are air signs and will have the easiest time during this astrological period. It’s where the planet is most ‘comfortable’ which translates to free-flowing energy. It won’t feel like a bullet train of momentum but it will feel natural and effortless.

Our earth sisters Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo are most at odds. The easiest way to get through it? Just go with the flow and quiet any negative self-talk with mindful practices like yoga or meditation.

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