Here Are 12 Essential Items For Your Bathroom

OK, maybe not essential... but strongly recommended.
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When it comes to the beauty industry, the term “essentials” gets thrown around a lot. Usually it’s an influencer promoting their ‘Holy Grail’ lip product or brow pen or moisturiser, etc.

At the end of the day, everyone’s “essentials” are subjective, and that’s OK. But what if you’re just not sure what your own essentials are?

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If you’re just getting into the world of health and beauty, it can be pretty overwhelming. Especially with boundless lip colours, eye shadow palettes and serums littering the market.

So, we’ve stripped everything back to be a bit simpler for those just starting to develop a daily routine.

Everyone’s routine is going to look a little different, BUT we do think there are some staple items out there that you may benefit from incorporating into your bathroom.

And we’ve listed them all below. Take a look.

We all remember the iconic hair dyeing scene in Clueless. (Credit: Clueless | Paramount Pictures)


Nobody has time to get burnt these days, that’s just not on, and very dangerous. Keeping sunscreen in your bathroom is a definite MUST, but make sure you also invest in some moisturisers and makeup products with added SPF.


For your teeth, obviously, and the other for flyaways!! Honestly, if your hair is all over the shop, nothing fixes it better than a toothbrush. Not even the average brush will help this situation. Spray a little hairspray on it and gently comb! Beauty mogul Kylie Jenner is a big fan of this fix.


Yes, again for your teeth, but there are other uses for toothpaste as well. Like how it can magically get rid of a blemish! (it dries them out). However, don’t use it if you have sensitive skin, and obviously, never on an open wound.


Always having a razor handy (and a spare) means you can become silky smooth whenever you need to (but only if you want, of course). Make sure you always rinse a razor after using it, and never ever share it with someone else OR keep it for too long (especially if it starts to rust). Dry hair and shaving gel are so bad to leave on the blades, as they will ruin the sharpness.

Alternatively, opt for wax strips like Monica and Phoebe. (Credit: Friends | NBC)


We know that it feels excellent to shove a Q tip in your ear (seriously, don’t do this it can be dangerous), but they’re also amazing for fixing the outline of your lippy, popping pimples, and getting stray nail polish off your fingers! Every single bathroom needs a box of these life saving inventions. 


There’s nothing more frustrating than needing a bandaid and not having one. (I’ve even made one of out tissue and sticky tape before – it didn’t end well!) Keeping a few in your handbag is also an excellent idea, because sometimes blisters pop up at the WORST time.


Multi-purpose balm is one of the most important products to have handy. It will soften your lips, face and hands as well as tame your damn brows. Everyone needs a balm.


We know what you’re thinking… you buy COPIOUS amounts of these and will always end up with ONE lucky hair elastic and a couple stray bobby pins. We don’t know how they go missing so easily, but they are so needed. SO needed.


I’ve become so attached to my dry shampoo, that once I had a total freak out when I had none left and needed ‘clean’ hair for the next day, FORGETTING that washing my hair was an option altogether. Yikes. But seriously, that stuff is made from the gods.


Because chipping nail polish off is a bad habit and horrible for your nail beds.

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There is no worse dilemma than needing a face wipe and not having one. Make sure you always have a spare packet put away somewhere.

12. TAMPONS, PADS, MENSTRUAL CUPS (or your period care of choice)

Because once a month, you’re going to really, really need them!

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