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This genius app will tell you whether your crush likes you or not

Um, where do we sign up!?

Let’s be honest — we’ve all sent screenshots of DMs from our crush to our squad so they can help us dissect it.

Sometimes, you just need an extra set of eyes (or five) to help you decode what that winking face emoji or ‘xx’ meant.

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But there’s only so many times a day you can bother your friends for advice, and only so many screenshots your phone’s storage can hold.

The good news is — there’s now an app that will save you the guesswork by telling you whether your crush likes you!

Mei, which launched earlier this week to a waitlist of 15,000, uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to tell you how into you your crush is.

mei app

From there, it gives you a rating on romantic or flirty your crush’s language is — and can even give you tips on how to improve your communication.

“In many ways, Mei is the world’s foremost expert on texting, having seen more pick-up lines, flirty texts, passionate exchanges, and spiraling break-ups than any human,” says founder Es Lee.

“Mei acts as the friend you hand your phone to when you need help decoding a conversation, but instead of relying on personal judgment, her assessment and advice are based on data and knowledge accumulated from years of research.”

But, there’s a catch. The app only works with Whatsapp and you need to have at least 500 words from your crush in order to work.

So, if your crush is currently sliding into your DMs, you may need to move them over to Whatsapp with a subtle ‘Hey, my mum is monitoring my Instagram account so I need to take this convo elsewhere.”

Oh, and don’t worry — your crush has no way of knowing you’re using an app to analyse their messages! 

Each analysis costs $8.99 US per analysis, which is around $13 AU. Which is pretty much equivalent to the cost of decoding messages with your friends over a pizza!

If you do want to give Mei a whirl and hopefully gain some crush clarity, you can download if for iOs here.