Get These Trending Winter Hairstyles ‘Cos Baby It’s Cold Outside

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Looking for an excuse to change up your look? Well look no further because while our summer tans may be fading and our skin is getting frustratingly dry, we can turn our attention to our hair.

WATCH BELOW: Billie Eilish transforms her iconic black and green hair to blonde

With weather getting a bit chillier, we’re all thinking of what coats to buy or what boots to wear.

But what about our hair? Why does our fashion sense have to be the only thing to get a good ol’ glow up? 

Yep, just like how we style outfits according to the weather, there are seasonally suited hairstyles which will have you living your best frosty life.

This season? We’re vibing full on Cruella de Vil vibes – just in looks ofc, never in personality… 😌

So keep scrolling for the best hairstyles for winter 2021, brought to you by your fave celebs.

kaia gerber
If you’ve been thinking of cutting your hair, now’s the time! (Credit: Instagram)


The bigger the coats the shorter the hair, so ditch the long locks and go for a Kaia Gerber inspired bob that will make Edna from the Incredibles proud.

Plus, you can have fun with this and cut your hair right up to your jaw, or leave it a little longer so it sits just above your shoulders.

There’s even an uneven bob choice, where you can have one side longer than the other – just to make it that little bit extra.

gigi hadid
Layer up. (Credit: Instagram)


If you’re not ready to completely cut off all your hair just yet, allow us reintroduce you to layers. They’re simple and they’re easy and they’re fun.

Especially if you have really fine hair that feels thin – layers can add some much needed volume.

camila cabello
Yes bangs are still very much in. (Credit: Instagram)


Not only do bangs completely change your face, but they can totally keep your forehead warm.

Just kidding… kinda. 

But seriously, hear us out – they look cute, they’re fun, and when they grow out (which unfortunately they will) you can play around with it. Make a fun side fringe, or clip ’em back with some super stylish accessories. Voila! 

hailey bieber
Maybe blondes really do have more fun. (Credit: Instagram)


As the skies get darker it’s time we change the tone and brighten up our lives with a lighter hair colour.

We’re talking blonde, honey brown, ombre, even bright pink – whatever you’re feeling this moody season.

Hailey Bieber is just one of many who have gotten that whole ‘bronde’ look down pat, and it’s the perfect way to ease yourself into a lighter colour if you’ve always had a darker tone.

Who doesn’t love a good bun. (Credit: Instagram)

Style it up 

Now if you don’t want to go too short with the scissors, then the best way to give your neck time to breathe is styling up your hair.

You can go for a cute high bun that give you that snatched brow look, or a pair of braids that you can dress up with a headscarf.

So. Many. Options.

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