Selena & Billie Made Us Do It: The Offish Hair Colour Of Winter 2021 Is…. White-Blonde

Winter en blanc.
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Ah, winter. A time where our skin takes a hit, our heaters hit harder and all semblance of careful, personal style thrown out the window for an array of giant jumpers, gorg overcoats and lined boots. 

It’s easy to wish away winter as fast as it seeps through our homes, making our morning routines incomplete without the blast of a heater or dressing under the covers with our electric blanket switched on. 

But winter doesn’t just tweak our way of life – it often calls for change in ourselves – our hair to be precise. 

WATCH: Tips for going from brunette to blonde:

We’re guessing you’ve probably seen your pals and acquaintances jump on the winter-hair-change band wagon. 

From warm brunettes, deep midnight blacks to 2020s auburn craze

Yes, a hair switcharoo is always a fail-safe way to make winter a little more interesting as our styles change. 

So whatever will 2021’s hair-transformation-frenzy involve? Well, it looks like our fave celebs have decided that one for us. 

Everybody, reacquaint yourselves with white-blonde – these celebrated Hollywood pros show us how it’s done. 

Billie Eilish’s blonde hair 

Billie Eilish gave her fans a right surprise when she unveiled her newly dyed white-blonde hair in March 2021. 

The Bad Guy baddie unveiled her new colour and chop with an Instagram post simply captioned: “Pinch me.”

Honestly, we needed to pinch ourselves when we released she’d been hiding the glorious new ‘do since the Grammy Awards earlier that month. There, she’d worn a wig coloured the same as her OG green and black iconic tresses. 

Quelle surprise indeed. 

Billie Eilish unveiled this stunning blonde mop in March 2021. (Instagram)

Selena Gomez’s blonde hair 

Selena Gomez was next to the punch, delivering us blonde hair ~goals~ by unveiling her new blonde look which took no less than eight hours and 200 foils to bring to life. 

Yep, you read that correctly. The 28-year-old shared the new look on her Rare Beauty Instagram account, with fans immediately going nuts for her white-blonde messy-styled tresses. 

In a statement released after the viral pic was shared, one of her colourists Riawna Capri said: “She typically keeps it pretty natural, but this time she went for a big change… This blonde is unique to her as we had to make sure there was an equal balance of cool and warm for her skin tone. It’s an edgier look.” 

While Selena is headed head first into summer over in The States, we sure as heck aren’t afraid to give the colour a whirl ourselves in these parts Down Under. 

Selena went platinum white-blonde in April 2021. (Instagram)

Lucy Hale’s blonde hair 

Known for her ever changing style, Lucy Hale’s blonde hair transformation in 2021 wasn’t a huge surprise, though it was no less thrilling to see how she nailed the hue. 

While visiting London, the Pretty Little Liars starlet shared a gorgeous sunlit selfie where her hair shone bright with its new buttery blonde colouring. 

Chopped into a wavy bob, Lucy’s look was enough in its own right to inspire a chic winter change – especially given the humble bob-cut is also making a major comeback

Lucy Hale’s blonde bob-cut is giving us all kinds of winter inspo. (Instagram)

Hilary Duff’s blonde hair

Hilary Duff is yet another celeb to convince us that blonde hair is the hue of the year. 

The Younger actress hasn’t shied away from playing with a colour tone or three, having debuted a bright blue look back in February. 

But come April, the vibe was… you guessed it: Blonde – and very blonde at that. 

Hilary opted for a super-light-almost-silver shade, as well as showing off some major extensions in a selfie shared to Instagram. 

With Hils, Lucy, Billie and Selena’s blonde styles coming in all lengths and textures, they’ve also single-handedly proved the colour literally goes with anything. 

It’s official – blonde is the new black!

Hilary Duff proves long-blonde tresses are it this winter. (Instagram)

What’s the best way to dye your hair blonde?

Before dying your hair blonde, it’s important to consider a few simple things: 

  • It can be very tricky to dye your hair blonde at home, but if you don’t want to go to a hairdresser, it’s possible to do with some careful planning
  • You will likely need to start by bleaching your hair to lighten it first, particularly if you have darker coloured hair 
  • Typically, you should only dye your hair at home if you’re aiming to go one or two shades lighter than your existing colour
  • If you want to go really bright white-blonde, it might be best to go to a professional hairdresser, as it will likely take a few dyes and washes to reach your desired shade

If you’re daring to dye at home, follow these colour tone rules for box dyes: 

  • Stick within two shades of your hair colour
  • Grab at least two boxes of colour, just in case you need some extra to bring out the colour
  • Ensure you have an area free from any debris and cover up carpet, nearby tables and other objects that might get splattered in the fun
  • Get a pal to help you! It’s much easier to see what you’re doing when you’ve got four pairs of eyes getting a full 360 of that beaut noggin of yours 
  • Leave the dye in for the recommended period of time as described on the box – otherwise, you mightn’t quite get the shade you’re after.  

Shop our fave at-home blonde dyes below:


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After you’ve dyed your hair, try out these slick tricks to keep the colour: 

  • Get a special shampoo for blonde hair – purple shampoo is your new go-to. These help to stop the tone from going brassy, which can occur with dyed blonde hair
  • Do your research into which shampoos will work best with your hair texture – there’s a whole world of shampoos out there that’ll help to keep your colour and give you silky soft tresses to boot
  • Try to stay away from heat tools where possible – this can dry your hair out as well as affecting the texture. Everyone knows texture and colour go together like peas n’ carrots – when you’ve nailed both, you’re winning! Maybe now’s the time to really embrace those natural tresses… 

Shop our fave blonde shampoos below: 


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