What Your Acne Is Telling You About Your Body

So that's why!
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Humans get acne. It’s one of life’s things and there’s not really a whole lot you can do to prevent it (other than like, eating well, looking after yourself, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, etc.) and if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. 

Have you ever wondered, though, what it means when you get acne on certain parts of your body? Turns out you can tell a lot about what’s going on inside, but taking a peek at what’s happening outside. 

Between the eyes or in-between your eyebrows
Apparently this part of your bod is linked to your liver, so you may need to hang back on the fast food and unhealthy sweets. If you can limit the amount of food you eat at night, too, it makes it easier on your liver so it doesn’t have to work overtime to get through it all as you lay stationery. 

The forehead
This area matches-up with your digestion and bladder! So it’s important coz food is life! 🙌 This could be a sign you have too many toxins inside your bod. Flush them out by increasing your water intake and saying a healthy ‘no’ to processed foods like bars and baked things. 
Green tea can help! 

Your nose
This little guy is indicative of your heart, so you know it’s important. Getting your blood pressure checked is a good place to start, but also exercising for a minimum of 30 consecutive minutes every day can do its bit to help. Also, again, try to cut-out anything processed in your diet and opt instead for low-GI snacks like nuts.

The upper cheek region, near your cheek bones
Your lungs/air sacks/talking bags come into focus when you’ve got zits happening in this area. Don’t smoke (coz you prob shouldn’t to be safe, anyway) and try to avoid sitches where others might be doing so around you. Clean air is everyone’s friend! 

Your lower cheeks, or the fleshy parts
Teeth and gums could be struggling if you’re having dramz on this part of your face. Try to floss after every meal and brush at least twice per day. Also, mouthwash and a quality toothpaste is handy, so if you’re skimping on the good product, try to not. Colgate Optic White is normally a pretty good option tbh and only costs about $10. 

Your earlobes (?!)
Who even thought you’d get pimples here? But you can and do! Anything on this part of the bod could be a sign your kidneys aren’t happy with you. Look out! Drink LOTS of water all through the day (recommended 3L or 8 glasses per day) to flush ’em right out. 

Chin or your jawline
Someone say ‘hormones’?! That’s what pimples on this section means and can normally come about at your ‘time of the month’. These can be painful and under the skin and awful, so try enjoying an indulgent face mask and chill right out. 

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