This Simple Eyeliner Trick Makes Your Eyes Look Bigger In 10 Seconds

Maybe less than 10!
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Bigger, brighter eyes is something we all aim for when applying makeup, and if you want huge peepers like Sarah Hyland or Angelina Jolie, look no further because we have found the magic trick! The best part? It’ll literally take you less than 10 seconds…

The key to wider eyes is to use nude eyeliner on your waterline! Yep, that’s it! Instead of using white, that can look a little harsh, a subtle nude makes you look like you got a solid 10 hours sleep. The removal of redness allows your inner lash line blend into the rest of your face, creating a loooooooong line. 

Just look at the results…

(Credit: Seventeen)

Pretty cool huh?! Our personal fave for nude eyeliner is the (super handy) truNaked Waterproof Eyeliner Duo from CoverGirl in Cashmere/Espresso.

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