This Is Why Ponytails Cause Headaches

Coz beauty is pain, apparently!

We all love an Ariana Grande-esque high ponytail. Easy to achieve, oh so chic and perf for when you haven’t washed your hair in a few days.

Oh and the sassy hair flick opportunities are endless.

But the downside of the style? Those pesky headaches! Seriously, why does a low effort hairstyle cause SO much pain?!

Well, neurologist Dr. Denise E. Chou explained the whole pony pain dilemma to Elle US.

“When you put your hair in a tight bun or ponytail, or a weave or extensions, that will pull the nerves in the scalp. That pulling of the nerves will activate the sensory nerves even more,” Chou explained.

“That can result in the headache itself, or it could be that the headache is beginning.”

Tying your hair up shouldn’t be painful, right? Well the whole thing that causes the pain is calledcutaneous allodynia.

It’s the perception of pain caused by something that so shouldn’t be at all!

So if you do start getting serious pains from your pony, Chou suggests simply trying a loose style.

A messy bun? Yep, we can sooo live with that!

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