There’s Now A Way To Apply Your Foundation Underwater!

Best results ever!

Guys this year has been all kinds of make-up tutorial real- and craziness if you’ve been keeping tabs. Remember the crystal geode lip trend? Or the horror of the furry fingernails? Perhaps the succulent plant finger nail art trend?

Yep, whack. But for every weird one, there’s another new and handy one like this thank thankfully, we’re #blessed to have the likes of beauty blogger ‘Beauty Vixxen’ to bring it into our minds and make us question everything we know and hold dear. 

Basically, this weird af technique is all about applying foundation with a technique where you dunk your face in a sink of water to set it to be camera-ready.

Why you’d do that? NFI. But the Vixxen seems to think it works and if her beat af face is anything to go by, it kinda looks legit! 💁

Seems like the exact OPPOSITE of what you want to do when putting make-up on, but hey…

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