The One Thing Mums Use On Babies Will Actually Help You Get 100% Better Lashes

Weird? Yes. But, handy!
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There’s officially only one thing you need to know now to get your brows as fleeked as any of the Kardashian gals and you basically never thought of it.

Baby powder! 

Weird, no?

Seriously, though; baby powder is a damn miracle worker! Greasy hair? Baby powder. Smelly shoes? Baby powder. Voluminous lashes? Baby powder. 

Here’s what’s up…

Step one

Curl your lashes using an eyelash curler at the base and then in the middle of the lashes. Then apply your mascara as per usual, one or two coats depending on your normal routine! 

Step two 

Now time for the miracle powder! Shake a lil bit into your hand, dip a cotton bud into it and cover your lashes in the powder. Your lashes should be totally white by the time you are finished. 

Step three 

Cover your lashes in another one or two coats of mascara! Boom! Lashes should be fully blackened again and super thick! 

Now take a look in the mirror and appreciate the pro beauties. All without any fakies, too, FYI!  

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