The Internet Is Having A Breakdown Over This Beauty Blogger’s Lashes

Cutting your lashes... yay or nay?

Beauty blogger Cass Lopez has caused some of her fans to go into meltdown mode over a video she posted of her lash routine. No biggie? What if we told you she CUTS them to make them grow? Biggie? Fans seems to think so!

She posted the video saying: “My eyelash routine ✂️✂️✂️ YES I cut my eyelashes so that they grow longer (think of it as cutting the ends of your dead hair, keeps it healthy). It works for me.”

Cass has been flooded with negative comments, where people are telling her that lashes grow from the roots so it makes no sense and she’s being ridic.

The video has been viewed a crazy 6.5 million times and the backlash in the comments has defs caught Cass’ eye. She later edited her caption to read: “If you don’t like spidery looking lashes then oh whale this is how I do MY lashes and I love it. Remember I’m not telling you to go cut your lashes off this is simply what works for me, everyone is different.” 

We don’t recommend cutting your lashes. Like the hair on your head, there’s no ~real~ evidence that it makes your hair grow quicker. All it does is improve the appearance of the hair. If you do need super long lashes in your life, there’s some eyelash (and brow!) growth serums out there you can test out. 

In the meantime, we’ll be sticking to our falsies!

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