The teen-friendly skincare routine your *already* youthful skin will thank you for

Let's leave the actives for later

We toooootally get it. Sephora is literally beauty wonderland and your TikTok feed is filled with fun beauty and skin care trends to try. And while we’re all for trying and testing out bold beauty looks (blue eyeshadow is back ICYMI), curating a skin care routine that will legit nourish your skin is way better than slathering on a whole heap of active-packed serums. 

We swear we’re not trying to stop you from getting any skin care. No morning/night routine is complete without it. It’s simply about making the right calls for your skin type (and stage). Retinol and vitamin C will cement themselves as some of your go-to ingredients later in life, but for now, it’s all about keeping your complexion clean, congestion-free and topped up on hydration.

To help you build out a perfectly pared back routine, we caught up with Elisa Osmo, Dermal Therapist and Founder of Glow Medispa. Because as Osmo says “navigating the world of skin care can be daunting”, especially as your body (and skin) is going through a world of “hormonal shifts and lifestyle changes”. So, it’s important to “tailor your skin care routine to meet your evolving needs”.

Here’s what we (and Elisa) would recommend…

Hormonal shifts often lead to increased oil production and blemishes. Understanding and catering to your evolving skin can be tricky.

Elisa Osmo

Teen friendly skin care routine 

Step one: Cleansing 

cerave and medik8 cleansers

So, we’re focusing on giving our skin the right ingredients and making sure we’re applying them correctly. 

The most important step in your skin care routine (no matter your age) is cleansing. Look, you might be already be all over the whole double cleanse routine. And hey if you’ve got that down pat, perf. But if you’re not wearing excessive makeup, a single cleanse, twice a day will do. 

Now we know you’re devoted to your bevy of products, and so we know you know this, but just to confirm: using your body soap on your face is a huge beauty no no. Harsh formulations like these can “strip away essential moisture and prompt your skin to produce more oil”. 

If you’ve got normal to dry skin, opt for a slightly more hydrating cream cleanser. Our fave? The luxe and hydrating, Medik8 Cream Cleanse ($52 at Adore Beauty). But if your skin tends to be oilier (or perhaps blemish-prone), you’ll need a cleanser that can slough away all that excess oil. CeraVe’s cult-fave foaming gel cleanser ($17.99 at Adore Beauty) promises to be your problematic skin bestie.

Step two: SPF

teen-friendly sunscreens

When it comes to skin protection, much like Lola Tung, we’re going to be that SPF reapplication reminder bestie, okay? So, first off, remember that protecting your skin goes way further than just slathering on a single coat of sunscreen and calling it a day. Aside from reading the instructions on the bottle (always a must), grab your sunnies, a hat and be sure to avoid peak exposure times. Oh, and sun protection? Yeah it’s a year round task. 

And if all that sounds like a bit of a sitch, just remember wearing SPF is the best way to prevent premature ageing. And if you can find a hydrating (AKA, moisturising) sunscreen, it makes the morning routine even quicker. 

For a hydrating, lightweight sensitive skin-friendly pick, head to Chemist Warehouse, and pick up the DermaVeen Face Ultralight Day Lotion SPF 50+ ($23.99 at Chemist Warehouse). 

If you’re worried about layering sunscreen over oily skin, try a mineral sunscreen. They can work to “help regulate oil production and provide hydration without feeling too heavy”. Take the W with Ultra Violette’s Lean Screen Mineral Mattifying SPF 50+ ($52 at Sephora). It even offers you a mattified base (slay).

Step three: Moisturise

two light teen moisturisers

You know how we said combining your SPF and moisturiser is a 10 for the morning routine? Yeah, that doesn’t apply here. At night time (obviously), we don’t need to worry about sun exposure, so we’re going to “switch to a lightweight moisturiser that hydrates without being too rich”. 

Key ingredients to look for? “Ceramides, niacinamide and propolis”, as these work wonders for protecting, strengthening and nurturing your skin’s barrier. 

Dr. Spiller’s Propolis Day Cream ($54.76 at Amazon Australiaand Paula’s Choice Calm Rescue & Repair Intensive Moisturiser ($20 at Paula’s Choiceare total overnight stars. 

And there we have it. These three simple steps are enough to give your skin all the hydrating, cleansing goodness it needs. 

Main Image Credit: @allanface

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