NikkieTutorials is releasing a Beauty Bay eyeshadow palette and it looks GORGEOUS

I need it ASAP.

Shiny pigmented eyeshadow fans rejoice! YouTube beauty queen ikkieTutorials is releasing a new eyeshadow palette and it looks stunning.

The 26-year-old Dutch beauty guru, real name Nikkie De Jager, is collaborating with Beauty Bay for a eyeshadow palette featuring 20 different pressed pigment colours and tones. 

The collection comes in a reversible box which unfolds to reveal a normal mirror on one side and a magnifying one on the other, “so you can reallyyy get a deep and closer look at what you’re doing with your shadow,” she said in a recent video review. 

Heartwarmingly, some of the colours are inspired by her loved ones. Paying tribute to her late brother Mikai, she named a bright red shade after him, along with a baby blue shimmer for her mum—Mama Tutorials—and a gold shimmer after her fiance—Mr Tutorials. Other colours include mattes in marigold orange and eggplant purple and shimmers in icy white and bright pink.

“And if you take a closer look you can see that this palette has your favourite mattes, your crazy shimmers and we even got some magical duochromes in here,” she added. “Basically all the colours you need for all the looks.”

Fun fact: Nikkie originally planned to release the NikkieTutorials x Beauty Bay collection early in the year but delayed it after she was forced to come out in fear it would be seen as a publicity stunt. Then, she almost delayed it again after she and her fiance were robbed at gunpoint in their own home. 

“The amazing team that I worked with for this project is Beauty Bay, and they assured me that I could take as much time as I wanted,” she said. “They were there for me and after about a week of thinking, I was like, you know what, no. I’m not letting them take this away from me as well.”

NikkieTutorials x Beauty Bay’s eyeshadow palette will launch on the 31st of August on the Beauty Bay website for $45 AUD. You can check out the full collection review below. 

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