These Are The Best Nail Trends To Give Your Finger Snap That Extra Oomph

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Choosing a colour at the nail salon can be one of the most important decisions of your life – or for the few weeks you have to wear it at least.

So it’s time to nail down your decision before your next appointment, so you can take that pressure off your hands 💅.

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There’s no explanation as to why getting a fresh mani is so satisfying. I mean hearing the tapping as you type away at your screen? Makes arguing over text sooo much more dramatic. Matching your nail colour to your outfit? A total power move.

Not to mention, the nail game has completely levelled up and there’s literally so many designs and styles to choose from.

So keep scrolling to see some of the best ones that will add fun to your hands.

ombre nails
(Credit: Instagram)


Classy. Subtle. Sleek. Ombre is the perfect design for those of you who don’t want to go too crazy with your nails but also want a little bit of extra spice to your life.

Pro tip: Make sure you go to a professional who can blend it in like a dream, otherwise it might not look just right.

multi colour nails
(Credit: Instagram)

Multi Colours

Now this isn’t so much of a design per say, but it is a fun little trend to jump on if you love to play with colour. You can go for a pastel theme, different shades of nudes, or just have a random assortment of bright colours – you do you boo. There’s no wrong answer.

print nails
(Credit: Instagram)


Anything from animal to checkerboard to floral, you can pretty much have any type of print painted to your nails these days. So if you love a good plaid moment, then go ahead and get em dressed on your fingers too.

pattern nails
(Credit: Instagram)


There’s always a new pattern to follow in the grand scheme of nail art, but one of the most popular ones at the moment is swirls. Yep just put on a good ol’ squiggly line and you’re good to go.

Or you can go just that little bit extra and have a full on artwork on your hands, because why not.

french tip nails
(Credit: Instagram)


Keeping it basic, you can go for a cute lil french tip by getting a thin line on the tip of your nails. And you can make it pop with a nice bright neon colour, or even just do a simple black or white.

butterfly nails
(Credit: Instagram)


If you’re new to the nail game then you might know this – but have you ever seen those cute butterflies or love hearts or even dragons that people have painted on their nails? Yeah those are stickers. And you can buy any to your liking from just about anywhere and stick them on yourself.

There’s a whole heap of options to choose and buy and it’s not too spenny either – we’ve included a couple of cute options to shop below.


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Sportsgirl nail stickers

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