Nail Contouring Is The Crazy New Beauty Trend You’ll Actually Love

Hellooooo long nails!

2016 was the year of sticking stuff to our nails to take them to the next level. But get rid of your succulents and snow globes, because the hot technique for 2017 is nail contouring!

Manicurist Jin Soon Choi showed off the look on the Vera Wang runway at New York Fashion Week last year, but it’s only really starting to get picked up by beauty bloggers. We guess contouring is a dirty word now and people steered clear? But you shouldn’t because it’s actually an amazing hack that makes your nails look SUPER long!

Unlike some of the crazier nail art, nail contouring is easy to do and can be nailed (lol) with just one or two colours of polish. Just grab your brush and paint your nails in a neutral tone that matches your skin colour, and then when it’s dry paint a thick stripe down the centre on the raised portion of the nail bed. Simples!

You can also skip the base coat and just do the stripe.

The optical illusion draws the eye down (kinda like wearing black on black), making your fingers look like they’re #blessed with the longest and strongest nails EVER. 

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