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There was a time when choosing just one solid colour at the nail salon was as difficult a decision as picking your favourite One Direction member.

Now, with nail art trends firmly here to stay, and only getting more intricate and OTT, reaching a verdict on your next mani is like, exam-level pressure.

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One bad choice and you’re stuck staring at the same pattern for weeks.

If you’re a perfectionist or a token Libra, you may want to take the matter of your mani into your own hands, literally.

With nail art tools, decals, and stickers on the rise, there’s plenty to work with to create your own manicured masterpiece. Plus, imagine all the money you can save while honing your creative skills.

Scroll on to shop the tools and accessories we’re using on our own nails at home.

(Credit: Ciate)

Ciaté London Cheat Sheets

From holographic colours to pearl-filled polish, Ciaté London has been pushing the boundaries of traditional nail colours for as long as we can remember.

So, it’s no surprise they have some chic nail stickers to make DIY designs easy.

Shop them on ASOS, here. 

(Credit: Dolls Kill)

Millions and Billions Nail Dotting Tools

Stickers are cute but sometimes you want to create your own mani-masterpiece with unique designs.

For that you need nail dotting tools, just BYO polish.

Shop them here. 

(Credit: Oil of Morocco)

Silk Gel Nail Pen System by Silk Oil of Morocco

If you’re really wanting to invest in your new hobby, there’s this insane kit which lets you mix your own gel colours from scratch before setting with a UV lamp (hello, two weeks of chip-free nails).

It’s probably one for the birthday wish-list given the price tag, but you’d basically never need to go for a profesh mani again – win!

Shop it from The Iconic, here. 

(Credit: Bondidii Designs)

Bondidii Designs Nail Stickers

Okay, Bondidii Designs’ nail stickers are a serious vibe.

Bright, groovy, and totally unique, we can’t get enough of the 20-year-old’s cute AF looks.

Our obsession? Her mystic decal and fruity waterslide packs.   

Shop them on her Etsy store, here. 

(Credit: Kogan)

Mini Electric Nail File

After discovering the electric nail file and buff your manicurist uses at the salon comes in a mini version to use at home – thank you again, Tik Tok – we had to track one down.

The internet answered our calls, and we found this one on Kogan for just $16.

Shop it here. 

(Credit: Jane Safarian Studio)

Jane Safarian Studio Nail Stickers  

These handmade pressed flower decals are so stunning they’ll make your mani into a literal work of art.

When creator Jane Safarian couldn’t find the pressed flower aesthetic she was going for, like an absolute queen, she went ahead and made them herself.

Now, she’s sharing them with the world through her Etsy store, which we’re eternally grateful for.

Shop the stickers on Etsy, here. 

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