Lucy Hale once had super thin eyebrows and we can barely recognise her

The actress posted a throwback and even she said 'yikes' about it.

Lucy Hale’s picture has probably been brought to a countless number of brow technicians. The former Katy Keene actress is known for her dark, bold brows but apparently her brows have been on a journey. In a recent series of Instagram Stories, the actress shared a bunch of throwback photos, including one from her much younger years. The 31-year-old unfortunately looks like she faced the full force of the ’90s and early ’00s brow trend.

Lucy Hale with thin eyebrows

In the moody photo, Hale is sporting super-thin brows we can barely imagine on her now. Along with the eyeliner and the long hair, it’s a very different vibe! And it doesn’t seem like it’s a vibe she wants to recreate anytime soon. In her IG story, Hale says in the background, “Omg, look at my brows, yikes…”

While we don’t think she looks all that bad, it is a pretty stark reminder that with the right brow pens, you can pretty much change your entire look. P.S. If you were wondering, Hale got her signature brows from her father. Back in 2017, the actress posted a sweet selfie of the pair of them on a holiday. “Ya wonder where I got my brows from? 😏” she wrote in her caption.

Yep, she definitely got ’em from her papa!

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