Kylie Jenner has jumped on board the honey-coloured hair train

You're not imagining it, this hair colour is everywhere!
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Honey-coloured and warm copper shades of hair are really having a moment right now. Between Bella Hadid‘s ’00s inspired take, and Lucy Hale‘s polished copper version we’d already been thinking about how cute the brighter shade would look in the summer sunshine. Now, Kylie Jenner has debuted her take on the trend. The youngest Jenner debuted new, long blonde hair on her Instagram in that distinctly flattering shade of honey-caramel.

For fans paying attention, Jenner had actually hinted the transformation was coming. The day before the big back-to-blonde reveal Jenner had shared an Instagram Story explaining that she was doing a hair mask to prep her hair for the transformation. (So no, this one isn’t a wig, but she might have some extensions going on.)

Jenner previously wore her hair in a bright platinum blonde at the Met Gala, but this is a much more low-key lightening. She also debuted blonde hair back in June, around the same time that Emily Ratajkowski and Emma Chamberlain did.

Anyone else suddenly itching to head to the salon? Or we guess you could go the DIY route like the experimental girls on TikTok

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