You have to see what James Charles’ new makeup palette did to a fans eyes


Recently, makeup guru James Charles released a new makeup palette with Morphe as an epic new collaboration.

The palette was so rich in colour and range that it seemed too good to be true. We mean, there was even a conspiracy theory about it because the colours seemed TOO pigmented.

However, it seems like that pigment is real. Almost roo real, as a fan has now claimed that the pink shade in particular has stained her eye!


“DO NOT USE THE HOT PINK IN THE @JamesCharles PALETTE,” she wrote on Twitter. “It stained my eyes badly,” she said alongside photos of pink around her eyes.

She then explained how it’s not just because the pigments are pressed, as it was only the pink shade that stained her eyes.


“For those of you telling me ‘pressed pigments stain’… ONLY THE PINK COLOUR named ‘skip’ stained me. The other ones did not so dar. They all easily removed. THIS ONE DID NOT. It also gave me hives. The others did not. JAMES NEEDS TO WARN PEOPLE!”

An Instagram page dedicated to exposing celebrities posted a series of her videos where she explained further.

James later responded to the allegations.


The two continued to have a savage back and forth defending their case, which later ended up with James blocking then unblocking the fan.


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