James Charles says he was sent “death threats” after his Jojo Siwa makeover vid

This is never okay.

Earlier this week, YouTube beauty mogul James Charles shared a makeover video with a surprise guest. Someone that he said he had been “waiting two years to work with” and “was so excited for”—spoiler alert, it was Dance Moms star turned teen pop sensation Jojo Siwa. But, some fans apparently weren’t happy with Charles’s choice and after the video went live, allegedly sent 21-year-old beauty guru “death threats.” 😢

On the 22nd of August, James Charles shared a video of him giving Jojo Siwa a complete makeover, transforming her from the beloved bow, ponytail and glitter-wearing idol to a grown up beauty queen. Then, shortly afterwards, he tweeted that while he was extremely excited to finally get to work with Siwa and reveal their collab to the world, he was “getting death threats because Stan Twitter assumed it would be their fav and it wasn’t.”

“There are a TON of huge artists I’d love to film with one day, be patient,” he said.

In the lead up to the makeover video, some fans speculated that the beauty mogul was planning to makeover singer, actress and literal princess Ariana Grande—especially given he was allegedly liking a bunch of Ari’s posts in the last few weeks. Regardless, that’s no excuse for sending online abuse and harmful messages towards him. We shouldn’t need to say this but no one should ever be sent death threats and online bullying is never okay or acceptable behaviour. 

“I liked a few tweets from fans saying they wanted me to collab with their favs because I also would love to collab with their favs,” he said, having recently done a makeover of controversial singer-rapper Doja Cat.

In response to the harmful comments, Charles took some time away from social media and his phone, admitting days later that he was “sorry for not posting much today, [I] have had a lot of anxiety.”

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