Constantly Getting Breakouts? Your Pillow Might Be To Blame

Thankfully, we have the solution.
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If your skin keeps breaking out no matter how many cleansers and lotions you’ve tried, the issue may be hiding in an unlikely place; your bed.

We all know that acne and breakouts can be caused by bacteria on your skin, but few of us like to think about what bacteria could be crawling around on our pillows.

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Most people wash their pillow case once a week to once a fortnight (and some of us are guilty of leaving it grubby for months).

That means dead skin cells, bacteria and all sorts of other gunk can accumulate on your pillow and cause random pimples, or start a full-on breakout.

Meanwhile, those of us who suffer from regular acne can find it almost impossible to beat, never realising our pillows might be the reason it keeps coming back.

No one wants to wash their pillowcase every single day, so Aussie bedding brand Silvi came up with a solution: anti-acne pillowcases. Let us explain.

Is your pillow ruining your chances of clear skin? Silvi can fix that. (Credit: Supplied.)

How do anti-acne pillowcases work?

With a little bit of science and some super cute bedding, Silvi pillowcases prevent bacteria from building up on your pillow and wreaking havoc on your skin every night. Silver ion technology woven into each silk pillowcase eliminates 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria, keeping your skin clear.

Each pillowcase is cut from luxe Mulberry silk or Silvi’s new plant-based silk made from Bamboo Lyocell, then treated with antibacterial silver ions. You won’t know you’re sleeping on silver technology, because the cases just look like normal (super cute, soft and breathable) silk pillowcases. But your skin will totally thank you.

Will it really clear my breakouts and acne?

Compared to your usual pillowcase, Silvi cases are almost guaranteed to improve your complexion. Most of us sleep on cotton pillowcases each night, which can collect bacteria, dust mites and odours between washes – not Silvi cases. The silver technology can help with everything from preventing breakouts, to anti-aging and even protects your hair from damage and frizz. Can your normal pillowcase do that?

“But wait, what about a silk pillowcase?” you ask. Well, Silvi cases have all the benefits of a regular silk pillowcase, like protecting your hair and being hypoallergenic, plus the added bonuses of that silver ion treatment. The biggest one being preventing breakouts.

But don’t just take our word for it. With over 700 five-star reviews on their site, people are raving about the benefits on their skin and hair. One woman named Grace shared a before and after and wrote: “Have seen an improvement already and it’s been a week! The pillowcases are so lovely and comfortable to, can’t wait to see more magic happen to my skin in the coming weeks.”

In fact, Silvi are so confident in their pillowcases that they’ll even give your money back if you don’t have clearer skin within 30 days.

Grace said her skin was already looking clearer after just one week. (Credit: Silvi)

Which option is best for my skin?

If you’re tossing up between the Mulberry silk and the plant-based Bamboo silk pillowcases, you don’t have to fret. Both options are designed to prevent breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads, and just improve your skin overall, so it’s totally up to you which you buy.

The biggest difference is in the materials, as the Bamboo silk cases are 100 per cent sustainable and made from renewable and environmentally-friendly bamboo lyocell. They’re vegan, cruelty-free (no silkworms are used) and use 98 per cent less water to produce than cotton, which your typical pillowcases are made of. Oh, and these are also a world first; no other company offers bamboo lyocell treated with antibacterial silver.

Silvi pillowcases could be a game changer in your skincare routine. (Credit: Supplied)

Is it just pillowcases? Are my sheets making me break out too?

Possibly! While your pillow is where your face spends most of its time at night, your sheets will also touch it a fair bit. Not to mention, if you deal with breakouts and acne on your back, chest or other parts of your body, your sheets will most likely be brushing those spots. Oh, and if you wear a sleep mask at night, that’s probably accumulated a fair bit of bacteria too.

Thankfully, Silvi has you sorted on that front too. They make sheet sets and doona covers from their Bamboo silk, and even do sleep masks in either Mulberry or Bamboo silk.

You can shop the full range here, including Mulberry silk and Bamboo silk pillowcases from $69 each, silk sleep masks from $39 and full bedding sets from $159. They all come in a bunch of cute colours too, so you can have a full matching set or mix it up.

Did we mention the packaging is super cute? (Credit: Supplied)

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