How To Put Your Best Face Forward *Without* Makeup

Full beat with fake lashes? Beautiful. Totally barefaced? Also beautiful.

Isolation during the pandemic was an interesting time for our beauty routines. It’s hard to remember a time when so many of us embraced low-maintenance looks (or relied so heavily upon the health and luminosity of our natural skin).

As Australia slowly moves towards the end of this turbulent year (away from the Zoom calls and into some long-awaited summer fun), we’re continuing some of our stripped-back beauty habits. If you’re enjoying leaving your makeup brushes alone for the moment, but want to dial up the glow the *tiniest* bit, we have you covered. Put down the foundation bottle, these are the no-makeup strategies you can put into place to help you put your freshest face forward.


If glowy is the goal, skincare products with glossy finishes are the way to get there. Start by cleansing your skin thoroughly to reveal as much natural radiance as possible, then dial up the luminosity by layering a few oils and serums able to impart glow and revive the face. Seal the deal with a glossy clear balm applied to lips, lids and cheekbones and a spritz of energising mist.

Vitamin C + Facial Oil, $19.95 from Alkira.

face mist

Bybi Beauty Mega Mist Facial Mist, $42 from Sephora.

lano lips

Golden Dry Skin Miracle Salve, $19.95 from Lanolips.


A little lift is always welcome, but we’re not talking about Botox or bronzer. Tired eyes and haphazard brows will only drag your face down, so see to them first. Curl lashes to lift the eyes and enhance definition without the use of mascara, then brush through brows with a clean spoolie to frame the face and leave you looking more awake.
eyelash curler

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler, $34 from MECCA.

brow brush

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 12 – Dual-Ended Firm Angled Brush, $33 from MECCA.


A problematic or reactive complexion can often stand in the way of your ability to feel confident sans makeup, so an effective skincare routine is a must. If your skin is struggling due to added stress or overuse of actives, try stripping your routine back to the essential steps: exfoliation, hydration and protection. In other words, a daily cleanser, a gentle chemical peel applied once weekly, a solid moisturiser and a good SPF. When it comes to dealing with any pesky pimples? We’d suggest the gentle and protective acne absorbing patch route.
Morphe Cleanser

Morphe Bubbly Fresh Gel-to-foam Cleanser $23.00, launches in-stores on December 29.

youth to the people

Youth To The People Kombucha + 11% Aha Exfoliation Power Toner, $59 from Sephora.

juice beauty moisturiser

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturiser, $80 from MECCA.

everyday humans resting beach face spf

Everyday Humans Resting Beach Face SPF 30 Sunscreen Serum, $41 from Sephora.

Nexcare Acne Absorbing covers

Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers Assorted 36 Pack, $10 from Priceline.


Consistency will work in your favour in the nutrition realm as well as the skincare one. As much as it’s comforting, increased intake of overly sugary, salty or processed foods can start to show on your face after a few days. By feeding your body (and subsequently your face) with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to stay healthy, you will be positioning your skin to later reap the rewards.
Skin-enhancing supplements are also a fun optional extra you could experiment with. That said, we reckon nailing down your water intake and eating your veggies is step number one.
glow inner beauty

Glow Inner Beauty Essential Powder, $65 from The Beauty Chef.


It’s no secret that a bit of colour does wonders for a complexion, able to counteract dullness and replace it with radiance. Try mixing tanning drops with your evening moisturiser in order to wake up with a fuss-free luminous glow. We recommend selecting a tanning solution with soothing benefits as well, so you can boost and build the colour without interrupting the calm.
orro tanning drops

Amalfi Glow Drops, $59 from ORRO & Co.


If puffy skin is working against your natural beauty, try adding a few clever massage tools and techniques into your regimen. Facial acupressure, crystal rolling and gua sha massages can work wonders if you need some speedy depuffing to hide that late-night Netflix marathon.
gua sha

Lanshin Intro Gua Sha tool, $35 from Lanshin.

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