How To Easily Highlight Your Hair With A Hairbrush At Home

So much winning!

Giving yourself that ‘just been holidaying in the Bahamas’ look is easier and cheaper than you think! We all know ombre can set you back a few pennies at the hairdressers but thanks to Instagram we’ve seen just how easy it is to do at home. Introducing… Hairbrush highlights!

Colouring expert @ozdenkurtur​ originally posted a little Insta video showing his handy technique. He just paints the dye onto a paddle hairbrush, then carefully brushes it through sectioned hair to give a subtle lift to the locks.

If you’re going to try this at home we’d recommend choosing a dye that’s only a shade or two lighter or darker than your hair. That way if it doesn’t go well it won’t be too noticeable! Also, go easy applying the dye to the brush!

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