Here’s The Weird Reason Girls Are Painting Their Hairlines

Want to get Kim Kardashian’s flawless forehead? Now, you (kinda) can!
Thanks to Instagrammer Makeupholic Moon, there’s a tutorial for anyone looking to get that erm, fresh Kardashian hairline.
Here’s what you’ll need: a bit of tape, some concealer and a dark eyeshadow. If you can get your hands on a good brow cream, the results will be even better (so we’ve heard). 
Although a little odd, we think it sounds much less painful than actually lasering your hairline (yep, Kim actually did this to neaten up her forehead a few years back).
And went from this…
(Credit: Getty Images)

To this…

Probs not a beauty technique you’ll need often but good to know…. right? Thanks Kimmy!

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