A Makeup-Free Halloween How-To

The lazy approach to Halloween, sorted.
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Tik Tok has given us a daunting week, making us scroll through video after video of amazing Halloween makeup looks, and making us realise we’ve got none of the skills to match.

WATCH BELOW: Halloween Makeup – Simple Spiderweb Liner

While some are drawing intricate spider-webs on their eyelids, most of us are feeling more inclined to cut two holes in a sheet and go as a ghost to whatever party or event might be on.

Snapchat has come to save the day with a bunch of inspo, releasing Halloween Lenses (filters) this week for you to use from home or at your Halloween house party.

(Credit: Snapchat)

Spooky Spiders

You’ll take your annual Halloween post to the next level with this creepy filter, with three colourful arachnids creeping across your face! Thankfully, the filter gives an illusion of your mouth being gone, so at least they can’t crawl in. This fancy filter is perfect if you’re not doing much for Halloween but want to show your appreciation anyway.

(Credit: Snapchat)

Devilish Smile

This one was invented for the couch, if you’re spending Halloween curled up on the couch with scary movies and a whole heap of snacks! Show your appreciation for the spooky season with these massive red horns and steaming ears – you’ll definitely give your friends a fright.

(Credit: Snapchat)

Vampire Cat

No annoying contact lenses are needed for a spooky red-eyed look with the Vampire Cat filter. Become a Twilight-level pretty vampire by trying on this filter, which gives you cat ears, fangs, the red eyes, and also the perfect eyebrow arch.

(Credit: Snapchat)

Butterfly Surprise

Say you are someone who likes to experiment with makeup, the Butterfly Surprise lens serves as beautiful inspiration! You could create a colourful look, and then bring it to life with the filter on top.

(Credit: Snapchat)

Cute Cyclops

My what big eye you have! The cyclops filter turns you into just that, but also might be a great inspo moment if you want to get particularly inventive with your makeup look!

No matter how you’re spending it, make sure you have a happy and safe Halloween!

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