Rejuvenate Your Tresses With This Easy Guide For Healthy Hair

We get it, sometimes hair just doesn't behave.
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Having hair is simultaneously the best and the absolute worst experience, especially when it has been a hot minute since you’ve seen a hairdresser. For our gals in lockdown, we feel you!

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It doesn’t matter what your hair type is, we bet you have looked in the mirror before and thought, WHY WILL YOU NOT BEHAVE?

It’s the eternal struggle, and for those who dye their hair, life becomes an endless race between you and your roots.

Right now, for many of you roots may be winning, and there are few hair faux pas’ that makes us feel as drab, down, and even uncomfortable.

But if we all take a second to step back and stop feeling icky, we can find some at-home solutions to keep our tresses in line between visits to the hairdresser, which may even stretch out your time between appointments.

Here is a foolproof guide to haircare to help you feel rejuvenated and mend your relationship with your hair.


Our relationship with our hair can be testing at times. (Credit: Getty)

How to find a good shampoo and conditioner for your hair


We hate to say it, but mid-range to expensive brands are typically better for your hair when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. Although drug store brands have come a long way, there are still far too many on the market with nasty ingredients.


A good guide to provide you with some agency when choosing between an expensive and an affordable option is to read the ingredients list.


According to Love Hair, it’s essential to stay away from synthetic fragrances (which holds true for every beauty product) because they’re irritating and can cause redness, hives, itching and dermatitis. 


Other nasties to avoid are sulphates, silicones, coal tar, phthalates, and denatured alcohols.


What shampoo and conditioner is best for your hair type?


For those on the thinner end of the hair spectrum, you must avoid creamy shampoos and buy clear solutions. If it has ‘gentle’ and ‘volumising’ written on the bottle, it’s likely for you as per Byrdie.


If you have frizzy hair, then Byrdie recommends focusing all your attention on conditioning.  


For dry, coarse hair that needs hydration, the best shampoos for you are creamy ones and your biggest focus should be on your conditioner.

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Why should I use a deep conditioner?

A deep conditioner is the best ammo you can use against dry locks and split ends.

First, let’s identify why your hair may be dry because it’s desperately annoying staying ahead of your coarse strands.

According to Healthline, the quantity of sebum on your scalp will determine how hydrated your hair can be.

If you have excess sebum, your hair won’t struggle with dryness, but if your scalp produces little amounts, then dryness is likely. Oh, and sebum levels can change many times throughout your life.

Other factors that contribute to dry strands are genetics, climate, heat styling tools and bleach.

So, what’s the deal with deep conditioner? These products typically include the ingredients humectants, which bind water to the hair, and emollients (aka moisturisers) that protect the hair from moisture reduction.

When used consistently at least once a week, your hair will become shinier and smoother.

The best way to use a deep conditioner is after shampoo and leaving it in for the period recommended on the box. 

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What is the deal with hair oils?


Hair oils applied to wet hair offer an extra level of protection and moisture to nurture your mane.


Speaking with Forbes magazine, celebrity stylist Mark Townsend revealed the incredible benefits of oils.


“They’re a lubricant, so they’re great for detangling wet hair. They are a sealant, so they seal the cuticle down. Oils are a great heat protectant,” he said. 


“The benefit in most of the oils is all the fatty acids, which replace the lipids in your hair when it starts to get really fine. Right before it splits, that means there’s nothing holding it together, and all those lipids are gone so you need to replace them.”


TIP: Make sure you distribute the product evenly and at least three inches away from your scalp.

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What combs and brushes are best for your hair type?

When it comes to curly hair, the wider toothed the comb, the better because it won’t ruin your curl pattern. However, for thin hair, less space between teeth will work best.

Detangling brushes are suitable for shower use, but if your hair is thin, then it’s not going to work as well on your tresses when dried.

Lastly, paddle brushes are great for detangling long, thick, and dry hair types.

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