Glitter Concealer Is The Makeup Hack That’s Going To Slay 2017

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Glitter is here to shake up your whole dang day, and no we’re not talking about Mariah Carey’s deliciously awful 2001 movie.

We’re talking about the sparkly stuff you used to stick all over your artwork to make it pop in Year 7.

Glitter is back with a new trend in 2017 and it looks like this year is gonna be alllll about the glitter concealer.

👏  We 👏  are 👏 here 👏  for 👏  it 👏 

While applying glitter to your under-eye area might sound like one mighty mess, it’s actually pretty simple. 

Step One: Apply concealer in your usual fashion. So go to town on the colour corrector, eye primer or whatever other magic you enjoy #YouDoYou.

Step Two: Before the product dries, press glitter into it using either your finger or a concealer brush.

GF #1 Tip: Mix up different types of glitter for a suppperrrrr unique look! As though glitter concealer wasn’t impressive enough!

See how pretty?! Like a highlight for the future…

Even Barbie feels this…

All of the beauty goals! What do you think of the latest trend? Let us know in the comments.

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