Fake A Fringe In 3 Easy Steps

No hair cutting required!

Getting a fringe is a HUGE hair commitment. Like, will you still want it in a month? Will it sit right? How long will it take to grow out and how often will I have to cut it so I can see?! And yet, fringes (or bangs they call them in the States) are one of the cutest snips coz they can turn an ordinary pony into a hairdresser-level ‘do.

Which is exactly why we’re going to show you how to FAKE one! Yep, no haircuts, just a sneaky trick with an elastic and some bobby pins that will give you that Kendall Jenner look. There’s heaps of tutorials on the interwebs but YouTuber Stella Cini has one of the best in our opinion. If you are graced with long enough locks… Let’s begin!

Step 1: Pull your hair into a high ponytail but don’t pull it the whole way through on the last round. Usually you’d make a loop face the back, but twist it so your hair ends are sitting over the front of your head.

(Credit: YouTube)

Step 2: Straighten your ends if they’re not already (it will work much easier) and pull them to your desired length, evening them out for a full fringe effect across your forehead.

(Credit: YouTube)

Step 3: Pin your pony loop into a bun style and grab your fave headscarf, tying it over the fringe to hold it in place (and to look hawt). 

(Credit: YouTube)

If you want to check out the full vid, click right here. Stella’s video has some more cute tips for styling your new ‘do!

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