Ear Makeup Is The Latest Beauty Trend Taking Over Your Insta-Feed

Sounds weird, looks cute

If you thought you’d seen everything makeup had to offer, think again! We have two words for you: Ear Makeup. And before you run screaming, just take a minute to check out how pretty it is…

The trend originally caught our eye at the end of 2016 when it was featured on several runways throughout Fashion Week season. Now it’s lighting up our Insta-Feeds! 

It can be done in a few ways; colouring in a portion of your ear, highlighting the outermost edges or getting jazzy with it and adding jewels to your lobes. Extra points for matching it to earrings!

Cool huh? It’s simple to do but requires a steady hand and is best paired with an up-do so you can show it off properly. 

Want to try it yourself? We’re loving CoverGirl’s gel eyeliners in Green Glow and Aquamarine. This gold eyeshadow stick would also be perfect for a more subtle look. 

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