Does Spray On Nail Polish Actually Work?

The team at Sugarscape gave it a whirl and there are the results...
Nails Inc
Spray painting your nails and washing off the excess leaving a flawless mani sounds like an urban legend doesn’t it? Too good to be true right? The principal is genius really; zero effort, max results. To actually get it though you still need to apply a base and top coat, and wait for it to dry (argh those minutes feel like hours!) But does it really work? The team at Sugarscape gave it a whirl and there are the results…

“There’s barely any dry time involved, which is cool. And washing the polish off my hands was really easy and fun. It’s not the most precise manicure I’ve ever had, but for sheer speed, it’s great.​” —Helin

“I loved it! It’s definitely the easiest way to get your nails done in a flash. It literally smelled just like the men’s cologne section of Bloomingdales and the best part? It was ​so easy to take off!” —Alex
(Credit: Sugarscape)
“I’m digging this spray-on nail polish because it even works on top of gel polish that has run its course. Time always escapes me, so the fact that I can just spray and go on top of an old mani makes me feel like I have my life together in a matter of minutes.​” —Maya

​”I really liked how easily and evenly the polish went on and how quickly it came off of my skin! I did notice that when I sprayed it on, I had to keep my hand flat so the polish wouldn’t dry unevenly. I also chipped a few of my nails soon after I sprayed it on, so I don’t think it’s the longest-lasting mani I’ll ever have, but it’s amazing for a quick nail switch-up for a night out!” – Carly 
(Credit: Sugarscape)
So there it is! According to the reviews of the spray on polish it’s pretty great, not long-lasting but sooo useful! Nails Inc. and China Glaze are just two brands that make it if you’re keen to grab yourself some!

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