Express Yourself With These Bold And Colourful Eyeshadows

It's time to get creative. Event or no event!
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Get loud and playful by experimenting with bold, punchy, and colourful eyeshadows for unrestrained self-expression.

WATCH: Meissa Mason reveals a cow print eyeshadow look.

After the black plague seeped through Europe in the late Middle Ages, it made way for a boom in arts, innovation, and literature during the renaissance era.

It was a turning point for society, and it’s well documented how struggle can pave the way to creation. Which is exactly why experimenting with your makeup is now more than ever a fun and easy way to start your next creative journey.

From bold pinks to energising greens, mystical blues, and electric yellows, your options are endless.

How you like to shape the colours around your eyes is all about personal preference.

You can dust a monocratic hue all over your eyes, create an ombre look with clashing colours, or fashion a bright winged eyeliner with eyeshadow – and these are only three out of the infinite creative directions you can take.

Brand Alice McCall featured bold eyeshadow for its Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2021 show. (Credit: Getty)

A whole area of psychology is dedicated to colour because it has been proven to boost your mood, so, by painting a statement on your eye, you may see your day through a bright new lens of optimism.

After all, we know how impactful the power of makeup can be, from its confidence-boosting properties to its ability to help us transform our look.

Here are some gorgeous pallets to start your day off right and to begin your invigorating journey with bold eyeshadows.

(Credit: Adore Beauty)

Shop M.A.C Cosmetics Botanic Panic Eye Shadow, $106.00 from Adore Beauty here. 

(Credit: Adore Beauty)

Shop Kryolan 10 Eye Palette – V2 Brights, $140.00 from Adore Beauty here. 

(Credit: Adore Beauty)

Shop M.A.C Cosmetics M-A-C Art Library: It’s Designer, $89.00 from Adore Beauty here. 

(Credit: Sephora)

Shop Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette, $121.00 from Sephora here. 

(Credit: Sephora)

Shop Natasha Denona Circo Loco Eyeshadow Palette, $203.00 from Sephora here. 

(Credit: Revolve)

Shop INC.redible Lid Slick Eye Pigment, $15.12 from Revolve here. 

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