Tik Tok’s best festive nail art ideas for Christmas

Tis the season! 🎄
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When it comes to holiday-inspired beauty trends, they can run the gauntlet from extreme (hi, Christmas tree eyebrows) to subtle (see: festive make-up trends). Christmas nail art falls somewhere in the middle. 

WATCH BELOW: 12 nail art ideas that’ll score you a spot on Santa’s ‘nice list’ this year

With nail art being a massive trend of recent years, it’s never been easier to celebrate the festive season with your hands.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a nail artiste, you should try some of these for yourself. Alternatively, take them to a seasoned nail artist and see what Christmas magic they can whip up.

Here are some of the jolliest nail design ideas to help you kick off the season!

Present-themed nails

These intricate designs are an homage to the best part of Christmas, presents!

Pale pink with a twist 

These do not look simple to pull off, but they are beautiful! If you have steady hands, and a bit of practice in the nail art department, we dare you to give this a try.

Reindeer nail art 

This one will take some real talent, but the finished product is so darn cute, we couldn’t not include it! If it takes your fancy, maybe show it to a very capable nail artist.

Baby, it’s cold outside

Tap into your inner ice queen with these simple flakes.

Santa Baby

These babies not only look adorable, they’ll work on shorter nails, making them slightly lower maintenance than some of the other suggestions on this list.

Simple sparkles

Pay homage to the tinsel on the tree with a simple sparkly nail!

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