How Charli And Dixie D’Amelio Took Over TikTok

And ended up with their own beauty line

After being encouraged by friends to check out TikTok, it wasn’t long before Charli D’Amelio’s dancing caught the world’s attention and she, along with her sister Dixie, rose to stardom. “I didn’t really realise it could be a career until a few of my favourite brands started reaching out to me,” says Charli. “And then other well-known people I respected and looked up to [started] connecting with me”. 

Wasting no time channelling their newfound TikTok fame, the D’Amelio family have now secured their own reality TV show, the sisters are preparing to launch a clothing label and most recently, they announced their partnership with Morphe’s sister brand Morphe 2; a range of makeup made specifically for Gen Z (AKA the TikTok generation). 

The six-product range taglined ‘simple yet stunning’ offers glossy lip oils, jelly eye shimmers and 20 foundation shades. Girlfriend was lucky enough to speak to the girls about their collaboration, careers and their best (and worst) beauty moments.

When it comes to makeup, the D’Amelio sisters keep it real

For Charli, her love for makeup began as a five-year-old dance-a-holic. “I remember waking up at 6am for my mum to do my makeup for competitions,” she says. Dixie, however, took a little longer. 

“I started playing with makeup much later,” she tells us. It wasn’t really until high school that she “started learning even more”. 

Speaking of their makeup collection with Morphe 2, the pair were keen to stay true to their iconic natural looks, as they want to show fans  “you are beautiful with or without makeup”.

Although self-proclaimed beauty lovers, the sisters are “not about full glam” and prefer to embrace the minimal side of makeup. However, they also encourage everyone to be as “creative as they want, whatever makes them most confident”. 

When it comes to getting creative, Dixie points to  Charli as the one to “play with eyeshadow colours,” while her favourite product in the range is the Hint Hint Skin Tint, because it shows off her natural freckles and keeps things “really light”. 

Beauty muses and disasters

Charli and Dixie both credit Patrick Ta as their celebrity beauty muse; “he is so creative with colours,” but their OG inspiration is mum. 

“She’s always taught us from a young age to use makeup and beauty as a way to enhance your natural look”. And while it looks from the outside that the girls have had no troubles when it comes to beauty, Dixie reveals she was left traumatised when Charlie shaved off her eyebrow and it took “2.5 months to grow back”. 

Since this incident, (which Dixie recognises as her most terrifying beauty moment) she’s learnt a few brow saving hacks along the way, including this one from TikTok: “Use soap on your eyebrows, it makes them stay in place more”.

And while they seem to have their ups and downs like any sisters do, there is one thing they can both agree on, and that’s their three must-have makeup products: blush tinted moisturiser and lip gloss.

Find the range here, Morphe.

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