Change your look in under 5 mins!

Need a different look but don't have enough time? Here's how...
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Bored with your hair/face/everything but have no time for that dramatic Kylie Jenner mermaid look you’ve been all heart-eyes emoji over? DW, we’ve got a few super quick tricks up our sleeves.

Chalk it up
How good is hair chalk? Like, it’s so freaking simple to use, but completely gives you blogger vibes so you feel damn cool. Pastels are definitely the colour of the moment, but might not show up as well darker hair. So for all you brunettes, consider wetting the hair first to intensify the colour.
Get glowing
It’s an actual fact, proven by real research* that you feel 100 per cent hotter/happier/more confident with a tan. And with the ~a-mazing~ varieties of instant tan around now, you can whack one on in under five mins and have everyone all like “who dat?” as soon as you enter a room. We’re vibing Rimmel London Sunshimmer instant tan ($13.95), coz it lasts up to 24 hours and is water-resistant.
*research conducted by the GF team over lunch. All were in agreeance.
Stick it
Fancy nails in under five mins? Ummm hells yeah we want that! These guys are deadest saviours for those of us who are hopeless at painting that left hand. Plus they now come in the coolest patterns and prints so it’s like nail art without the hassle.
Part ways
Probably the easiest and cheapest way you’ll ever change your look: switching parts. Seriously, going from middle, to side, to deep side or angled can change the shape of your face – and all you need is a tail comb. So, if you’re wanting something sleek, try a poker straight middle part. If you’re after a blogger side sweep, part to the side on an angle. And for preppy polished, go for a deep side part. Don’t believe us? Try it and be amazed.
Lip switch
Lipstick is a magical unicorn of a product that has the ability to take you from meh to ~fresh~ in a swipe. So, if you’re a neutral kinda girl, go for a bold lip (we love bright pinks and coral); if you always wear colour, try a new pinky-nude… and if all else fails, go a red lip. Reds legit suit everyone and will always make you look polished. Plus, you don’t even have to wear any other makeup! Got for blue undertones if you’re pale-skinned/pinky toned and go for orangey-reds if your colour base is warm. Oh and side note, lippies can also be used as blush by dabbing on the apples of your cheeks… so double the makeover! 

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