The Celebrities That Are Glowing In Their Bare Faced Glory

Because wearing no make up is too easy.
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There is power in makeup as it allows you to express yourself and feel powerful, but this can be equally held to the freedom of donning no makeup at all.

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There are many purposes to makeup, like curating your own signature look that makes you feel like yourself and playing with colour and shapes that are a little out there but express your soul.

Then there is the genuine desire to cover pimples or any other concerns.

Many of us fluctuate between all three of these moods towards makeup, and over time, as we play and learn more about ourselves, we all eventually land on that signature aesthetic.

There is also the beauty that can be found in the natural contours, indentations and texture of our faces, and that is best shown off when we go out sans makeup.

For many people, going out without makeup can be a very personal decision. 

For example, some people just feel more themselves without it, and others want their skin to breathe for the day, sometimes you’re too busy to find time to paint your face and more often than not, there is no real thinking behind it except that it’s easier.

It is also important to note that we live in a world where women are no longer pressured to cover their faces to appear desirable or professional.

It has become a choice, which is a feminist victory.

When celebrities aren’t wearing makeup to allow their skin to be free from the heavy makeup they have to wear on red carpets and onset, it’s just as lovely to see their faces without makeup as it is exciting to see their makeup artist’s ogle-worthy beauty looks.

Here are some of the most ethereal bare-faced moments from our stunning celebs.

Bikini inspo for summer. (Credit: Twitter)

Megan Thee Stallion 

We are used to Megan decked out in glamorous and curated beauty looks, so when she shows us her bare face and natural curls, it’s a moment.

And that’s not just because she’s all-natural in this picture but also because Megan’s persona is rooted within bad bit*ch strength, so to see her softer and less structured is different for her fans.

That pout! (Credit: Instagram)

Phoebe Tonkin 

Our H2O Aussie stunner is seen here relaxing by the pool as she waits out two weeks in isolation.

Her hair is very on trend. (Credit: Instagram)

Thelma Plum 

The indie Aussie singer looks dainty in fresh, wearing nothing but a little tinted lippy.

Also shout out to the cute pooch. (Credit: Instagram)

Odessa Young 

The Australian actress who is known for her role in Assassination Nation looks super fresh here as she poses with her dog, who is also wearing no makeup. 

The hair! (Credit: Instagram)

Adut Akech 

Aussie supermodel Adut Akech captioned this photo, “New hair, clean bare skin, taking in some vitamins D and minding my business.🍯🌞🤎 But who wants a skincare routine? 🤔.”

Even without makeup her eyes pop. (Credit: Instagram)

Dove Cameron 

Dove serves sold makeup looks, but we are also in awe of the natural blush that appears on her face when she isn’t wearing anything at all.

We want to know the name of this filter, it’s so pretty. (Credit: Instagram)

Olivia Junkeer

The Aussie actor is known for her role on the ABC original Why Are You Like This? is such a beauty we could stare at her face for far too long.


Adelaide Kane

The Australian actress who starred on Teen Wolf and Reign looks so glowy under the sunlight with nothing but yesterdays mascara around her eyes.

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