Braid Chains Are The New Hair Trend You’ll Fall Head Over Heels For

It's pure grungey magic.
Amid the sea of sequins and sparkle of a red carpet it’s easy to miss the finer details, but a closer look will reveal all the teeny tiny details stylists go to. Our fave hands down has to be Vanessa Kirby‘s (from The Crown) braided chain up-do.
Check out this tousled braid, threaded with delicate silver chains!
The look, the work of legendary hair stylist Adir Abergel, featured a piece from his brand new hair accessories line with Lelet NY and it’s literally jewellery for your hair. While the range is only available in New York, any necklace could do the trick.
“A chain can be worked into any type of braid,” Adir told Marie Claire. And before you start worrying about tangles and hair being torn out, his designs are attached to combs so they can be easily (and invisibly) secured to the hair.
We’re seeing hair hardware on A LOT of red carpets so our bet is it’s going to be HUGE this year!

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