It Was Billie Eilish’s Wig All Along

Fans reckon newly blonde Billie Eilish was wearing a wig at the Grammys.
Billie Eilish blonde neon green wig
Billie Eilish reveals a banging blonde mullet.

Earlier this week, Billie Eilish took to Instagram to reveal she’s replaced her signature neon green hair with a gorgeous banging blonde. 

Captioned “Pinch me,” the post quickly garnered the 19-year-old artist over one million likes in six minutes, and more than 18 million overall, making it one of the 10 most-liked pics on the platform.

But, as it actually turns out, that stunning blonde mullet reveal might have been in the making for a while. In fact, after a new viral Billie Eilish TikTok, fans believe she was wearing a wig at the Grammys – and maybe this whole time.

Billie Eilish blonde neon green wig
Billie Eilish reveals a banging blonde mullet. (Credit: Instagram.)

In a new TikTok video, Billie poses with a low-angle shot and looks the bomb dot com dot au, not before she put her hands in her hair and pulled on it. 

Seconds later, and lo and behold to the 7.4 million viewers of the clip, the “bad guy” singer reveals that her iconic neon green hair with black roots isn’t all natural, it’s really a – as Katy Perry would say – wig. 

Excuse me while we book an urgent appointment with our therapist because we have mass trust issues right now 😔😭.

“It was a wig,” commented one fan. “This whole I was being bamboozled.”

“This whole time I’ve been lied to 😭,” wrote another.

Truly, our reaction can be best summarised by this comment: “Wait, so you’ve been doing Hannah Montana for TWO MONTHS!!”

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It’s unclear whether Eilish has always worn wigs or been merely keeping her new hair transformation underwraps – or rather, under-hair – until the time is right. 

But, we do know that her resident stylist Lissa Renn (@lissarenn on Instagram) was behind the rocking new blonde mullet.

Speaking to her friendship with the multi-Grammy winning teen on Instagram, Renn said she’s nothing but “so proud and honoured!” And, like, same.

Billie Eilish hair stylist Lissa Renn
Award-winning teen artist Billie Eilish showing off her new blonde moment with hair stylist Lissa Renn. (Credit: Instagram.)

“Billie has been a client of ours [for] six plus years now,” she wrote. “[It’s been] so fun to watch her grow and evolve as an artist and woman.”

“I am incredibly grateful for her trust in me to create her new style and the beginning of a new era.”

Earlier this week, Billie Eilish took home gold at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, winning Best Record and Best Song Written for Visual Media for her songs Everything I Wanted and No Time To Die, respectively.

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