Ariana Grande has inspired a new makeup trend, on TikTok, of course

She's bringing back 1960s beauty and bouffants.

Ariana Grande’s highly anticipated new album Positions has arrived, and with it, so has a new beauty era for the singer. While she’s known for keeping things pretty baggy and lowkey in her downtime, Grande is pioneering some pretty fun beauty and hair trends that are a little more “done” right now. And not in a contoured, Kardashian-glam kinda way. Nope, Grande’s throwing it all the way back to the 1960s with her new makeup and hair look. Which, interestingly enough, has become a major trend on TikTok.

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It looks so good on her right? The “Positions” music video showcases a kind of a natural evolution of her signature high ponytail styles. (Which as fans know, actually reflects her mood sometimes.)

While we’re sure she’s hasn’t given up on her signature high ponytail for good, Grande is experimenting right now with a bouffant. The Jackie Kennedy-inspired hairstyle features side-swept bangs, a headband and a looootta volume. You’re gonna want a bit of hair texturiser to create that one. 

Sidebar, she’s also starting rocking a different popular hair trend: curtain bangs. Those are the 70s inspired, long face-framing bangs you’re also seeing all over TikTok right now. That said, we’re not sure if this is just some wig-magic for her music video “34+35”, which also features a heavily ’60s inspired beauty look.

The makeup is arguably the star of the Positions show. On TikTok, Ari fans and makeup enthusiasts alike are recreating her cut-crease, big lashes and glossy lips. The look is actually a great one to play with to practise your eyeshadow skills—especially when helped out by a tonne of handy recreation videos.

The core of Grande’s Positions makeup is the cut-crease. You could achieve this in a couple of ways. Starting with a blendable eye pencil or eyeshadow in a soft brown, trace where you want the edge of your cut-crease to go. You don’t need to worry about being too precise with this, because next you’re gonna go in with either a lighter concealer or a cream-coloured eyeshadow to carve out your lid, “cutting” the crease as it were. From there, you can add a little minimal liner or just go absolutely ham with the biggest false eyelashes you can find.

Need a second run through? Head on over to TikTok.

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