Aussie influencer AJ Clementine debuts first eyeshadow palette

This one is a really special one. 💖

It’s 2020 and by now it should be really clear: makeup is for everyone, no matter your gender identity or pronouns. Whether you’re just a ‘brows and lip balm’ type of person or an all-out, flexing-your-creativity makeup obsessive, there’s so much room now for beauty to be a safe and playful space. AJ Clementine, one of our favourite Aussie influencers, just debuted a new Australis eyeshadow palette that celebrates exactly that. The new AJxAustralis eyeshadow palette is a gorgeous celebration of transgender people, though the palette itself is truly for everybody.

AJ Clementine Australis palette

“The secret is out, I’m so excited to announce that I made my own palette!!!” Clementine announced via her Instagram. The AJxAustralis nine-eyeshadow palette features three mattes, three glitters, and three shimmer shades, each of which represents something “cute” and important according to Clementine.

The Aussie influencer is something of a veteran in the social media scene, having started a successful YouTube channel that documented her transition. An important voice in the trans and Asian-Australian community getting their coin with a super fun collaboration? We love to see it! You can have a read of a deep dive interview with the impressive young advocate, model, and influencer here

“Each shade represents something cute. Cut the cameras imma go cry now,” Clementine continued in her post. One sweet nod to the transgender experience in the palette is the blue shade, which was actually inspired by the colour of the estrogen pills that she used to take. And, if you look closely, you’ll be able to spot the transgender flag made of the pink, white and blue shades in the palette. There’s also a super cute new Instagram filter to celebrate the launch.

AJ Clementine Australis

Shop the new AJxAustralis palette online, or in Priceline, if you’re an IRL shopper. Until then, catch us wearing her extremely cute Instagram filter and practising our blending.

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