9 Struggles Only Girls With Curly Hair Know

Having curly hair looks totally bangin’ but there are certain things straight haired peeps will just never get…
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How many girls curl their hair every weekend trying to get the majestic swirls that come naturally to some? But what they don’t know is that with great curls come great responsibility.
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1. When people describe your hair as ‘beachy waves’ and you’re like this is the whole freakin’ ocean!

2. If there’s one teeny tiny bit of moisture in the hair, your hair packs up and goes on a very frizzy vacay.

3. Hairdressers just don’t know how to cut it. They keep cutting like it’s just going to stay where they put it, but it doesn’t. Ever.

4. No matter how many times it fails, you still attempt YouTube hair tutorials that are best on straight hair…

5. People are always telling you how lucky you are to have hair that doesn’t need to be styled and you can ‘just get up and go’.

6. And then when peeps ask why you don’t just brush it. One does not simply brush curly hair!

7. Your bed hair is next level!

8. The time it takes to create something out of your tresses means you’re late everywhere. Or wear a lot of hats.

9. No one ever believes your hair is real.

Your curls are girls though and you wouldn’t change them for the world!

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