We’ve All Been Saying Zara Wrong This Whole Time

All guilty of this!
Getty Images

When Zara finally landed in Australia shopping fanatics lined the streets to get their hands on an item from the popular European brand. They do a fantastic blazer so you can’t blame anyone, but what we can be blamed for is NEVER pronouncing the name right. Yep, Zara is not said like ‘Zara’.

A member of Refinery 29‘s fashion team went to Zara HQ and in Spain and quickly realised she everyone was making a totally different noise. The high street brand is actually pronounced “​Thah-dah”! The ‘Z’ is soft and the ‘R’ becomes similar to a ‘D’. MIND BLOWN! The company did start in an area of Spain that uses a Castilian dialect of Spanish so it makes sense really coz that’s what they created!

Still not sure how to say it? A Zara team member took pity and made this handy video:

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