Turns Out You Probably Aren’t Saying ‘ASOS’ Correctly

It's the Zara sitch all over again.
Getty Images
Remember back in January when the news we were all saying the retailer Zara’s name incorrectly? That was because Australians aren’t Spaniards and don’t bounce consonants off the tips of our tongue, so go figure.
Anyway; turns out we’re all mispronouncing ASOS, too; and the way it’s meant to be will rock your world! 

Well. Not really. But still, it’s funny to see the difference between the way people say it and how it’s meant to be pronounced. Looks like emphasis plays a big part in enunciating your acronyms, you guys! 💁 (duh!)
If you guessed the first version (‘ace-os’), you’re bang on. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 

Look, really though, when you’re speaking English and using the name of the retail – which stands for As Seen On Screen – no one would ever, ever pick-up that slight difference, but there ya go. 


A few years ago, they even polled people in the UK on how to say it… Yep. 

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