Personalised PJs Are The New Cosy Style Staple We Adore

We need them in every colour, STAT.
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Whether you’re stuck in lockdown, cuddling up in bed or just chilling around the house, nothing beats a comfy pair of pyjamas.

But what if we told you that you could elevate your PJs into a style statement? Say hello to personalised PJ sets.

WATCH: Kim Kardashian shows off her cosy Skims loungewear.

Personalised phone cases and handbags are already a thing, so why not PJs? You spend hours in them every night (and most of the day if you’re like us) and your PJs deserve to be a little special.

Having your name or initials monogrammed on your silky shorts and top set, or a cosy winter pair is the perfect way to make them that little bit more luxe.

Plus, they’ll look so good in your ‘woke up like this’ Snapchats and Instagram posts during lockdown.

We’ve rounded up the best options for personalised PJs here in Australia, and honestly we want them all. Like seriously, we’ve ordered six pairs. We have a problem.

Welcome to the luxe world of personalised PJs. (Credit: Instagram)

Papinelle Sleepwear

This brand offers personalisation on a huge range of PJ sets, nighties and more, from their silk options for a luxe feel, to their linen styles that are cool and breezy. You can even get a personalised silk pillow slip if that’s your thing.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner have personalised robes from Papinelle, so you know their stuff is good. Shop the range here with prices starting from $79.95, plus $19 for personalisation.

If Kendall can wear it, so can you. (Credit: Instagram)

Little Something Sleepwear

Technically Little Something does bridal sleepwear, but their personalised sets are too cute to pass up. Silky styles in trendy hues like pastel pink and navy are their go-to, plus they do oversized night shirts that are so hot right now.

Shop the range here with prices starting from $29.95.

We’re obsessed with this silky blush set with a monogrammed front pocket. (Credit: Instagram)

Cotton On

You read that right, Cotton On do PJ personalisation too. They don’t just personalise PJs though – you can get your initials on fluffy robes, adorable slippers and even sleep masks. Plus, they’re a bit more affordable than some of the more luxury brands, so you can save some cash.

Shop the range here with prices starting from $29.99.

Even Cotton On does cute personalisation on a budget. (Credit: Instagram)

Peter Alexander

Yes, your favourite one-stop PJ shop does personalisation now! By ordering online you can choose to add beautifully embroidered lettering of your name or initials in a range of colours, fonts and placements on your PJs. Sign us up!

Shop the range here with prices starting from $39.95, plus $16.95 per item for personalisation.

Picture this set, but with your initials where the ‘PA’ is. (Credit: Instagram)


Homebodii don’t charge extra for their monogramming service, so if you want custom PJs they’re a great place to buy. They let you pick the colour, font and placement of your personalisation, so the PJs will be perfectly tailored to what you want. Plus, they have a crazy number of cute styles to pick from.

Shop the range here with prices starting from $39.95.

We’re obsessed with this personalised robe from Homebodii – neutrals all the way! (Credit: Instagram)

Bras N Things

Not only do they do PJs too (it’s called Bras N Things for a reason), this brand offers personalisation on a bunch of styles from their sleepwear range. That includes everything from lacy cami and shorts sets, to comfy patterned night shirts.

Shop the range here with prices starting from $39.99, plus a $15.99 personalisation charge.

You can get cute sets like this personalised with Bras N Things. (Credit: Instagram)

Wanderluxe Sleepwear

Are you desperate to get your hands on the most luxe personalised PJs money can buy? Wanderluxe has you sorted! They offer personalisation on all their Pyjama Tops, Night Shirts, Kimonos, T-Shirts, Trousers and Shorts online for $20 per item. That includes styles from their all-new Naturals collection, which is packed with Pjs in neutral shades that are so on-trend right now.

Shop the luxe range here with prices starting from $89 and personalisation for $20 per item.

Could this neutral set be any more on-trend? (Credit: Wanderluxe)

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