Meet the next big thing in fashion

This Year 11 student just won a MAJOR design comp with The Woolmark Company!

Ever dreamt of being a fashion designer? Annie Liao, a student from Radford College in Canberra, won the opportunity of a lifetime when she took out the The Woolmark Company’s Wool4School competition, supported by Girlfriend

After designing a seriously amaze equestrian-inspired outfit, Annie scored the major prize of having her sketch turned into a legit runway-ready look – along with her very own GF photoshoot. Meet the talented designer-in-the-making below and find out all about her winning outfit (we need that blazer in our lives!)

Annie Liao with her winning design

Hey Annie! What made you want to enter the Wool4School competition?
I just really like fashion and thought it would be something fun to try.

What fuels your love of fashion?

Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

Can you tell us about your design?
It’s inspired by the Australian Olympic colours, I just thought they went well together. I went for an equestrian vibe because I really like horses and animals.

What was it like working with the fashion designer Jonathan Ward, who helped bring your sketch to life?
Really good, he made the outfit so well. It definitely reflected my vision.

Was it weird seeing your design come to life?

If you could go on to have a career as a fashion designer, what would be your goal?
Designing for runway. I’d like to see my designs in Paris.

What would you say to girls out there who want to pursue their dreams but might be afraid of failure?
Just try your best, it doesn’t really matter what the outcome is.

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