Lindsay Lohan Is About To Launch A New Fashion Line

She's stepping into the fashion world... again.
Getty Images

Remember how Lindsay Lohan released her own line of leggings back in 2008?

The brand, 6126 by Lindsay Lohan, doesn’t seem to exist anymore but it looks like the actress missed being a designer because she’s about to launch a brand new fashion line!

Lindsay shared the exciting news with a cryptic post on Instagram, sharing a black and white pic of her wearing what looks like a head scarf, which she captioned, “New Fashion Line coming soon …. 😘 #fashion”

Fans in the Insta comments are speculating that she’s wearing a hijab and many are writing “Mashallah” (“God has willed” in Arabic), which has fuelled ongoing rumours that she converted to Islam.

We wonder if her new fashion line has something to do with this photo??

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