The Ultimate Guide To Buying And Selling Second Hand Fashion Online

It's time to get sustainable, girlies!
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Sustainable fashion is a big deal these days and one of the best ways to embrace a more sustainable style is to buy and sell second hand.

While some of us love thrifting and setting up market stalls to contribute to a circular fashion economy, even more of us love shopping online.

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Fortunately, there are a few ways to buy and sell second-hand fashion on the internet now (yay!).

Unfortunately, there are also some dodgy people out there and it’s become more common for people to get scammed while trying to thrift online (boo!).

Lucky for you, we’ve done a deep dive into buying and selling second-hand online here in Australia so you can shop safely and sustainably!

Live your sustainable style dreams this summer with second-hand fashion. (Credit: Instagram/AirRobe)

Because sustainable fashion practices are cool now, duh! Plus, you can save a fair bit of money buying preloved pieces.

“Shopping preloved is better for your wallet and for the world,” AirRobe founder and CEO Hannon Comazzetto tells Girlfriend.

“As the space becomes more popular and the infrastructure improves it’s becoming a lot easier for everyday shoppers to find high quality fashion at a great price.”

And as the trend becomes more popular, more and more sites and platforms are offering ways to buy and sell second-hand fashion.

The Iconic recently partnered with AirRobe to help shoppers set up a circular wardrobe, where they can resell their Iconic purchases on AirRobe once they’re done wearing them.

Of course, the sustainable fashion movement still has some work to do, especially when it comes to size diversity inclusivity.

Hannon adds: “It’s incumbent on us folks that work in the industry to actively promote and champion size diversity and inclusion, especially because as the industry grows we want to drive inclusion, not alienate groups further.”

Why does sustainability in fashion matter?

Shopping from resale platforms like Depop gives you access to unique, preloved pieces. (Credit: Depop)

As fun as fast fashion hauls look on TikTok, the increasing pace of fashion trends (and microtrends) and overconsumption of fashion has a massive environmental impact – and it’s not a good one.

By jumping on the preloved fashion bandwagon, you’re actually helping reduce some of the fashion waste around the world.

Hannon explains: “Fashion is the second most polluting industry globally. It’s a space that has been plagued for a long time by ethical and environmental issues.

“These are issues we are all waking up to – people want change which is what is driving the huge demand in pre-loved fashion. It’s a great time for shoppers to act on this and try shopping pre-loved.”

Plus, with platforms like Depop and AirRobe making reselling so easy, you don’t actually have to invest a crazy amount of time and effort to make sustainable fashion choices.

How do I NOT get scammed buying preloved fashion online?

Always buy and sell through reputable platforms to avoid getting scammed. (Credit: Pexels)

The biggest piece of advice we can give you is to always buy and sell through legit platforms like AirRobe, Poshmark and Depop.

Make sure any money you send or receive is paid through the platform itself and never through a third party, like PayPal, as that can leave you open to being scammed.

Also make sure to check the seller or buyer’s reviews to see if other people have had good experiences with them.

“We also use an escrow payment service which means payments are held in an escrow account until a buyer has received their item and indicated it is in the condition that was advertised,” Hannon says of one of AirRobe’s lines of defence.

When it comes to making sure you’re buying legit items, try finding pieces that have clear, crisp photos (not screenshots from the original retailer’s website).

You can also ask for extra photos or videos to triple check the item’s authenticity and condition.

Are there specific pieces I should try to buy second-hand?

You can get designer pieces at a much cheaper price buying second-hand. (Credit: Pexels)

It’s totally up to you! Some people love buying anything and everything preloved, others look for more specific pieces to buy second-hand.

Designer items like handbags, shoes and statement fashion pieces are popular items to buy and sell second-hand as they retain a lot of value.

As a buyer, you can get a preloved designer piece at a fraction of the cost of a brand new item.

And as a seller, you can rest assured that if you invest in a pricier piece and end up deciding to sell it down the line, it will still have some value.

“There’s a whole lot of factors that go into what makes an item hold its value such as brand, trend, and quality of materials,” says Hannon.

“Of course, a Gucci handbag is always going to sell well – but if you’re not in the habit of buying those brand new (like me!) you should always pay attention to longer-lasting, high quality, durable pieces.”

Where should I buy and sell second-hand fashion online in Australia?


AirRobe recently partnered with The Iconic to make sustainable shopping even easier. (Credit: Instagram/AirRobe)

AirRobe markets itself as one of the easiest ways to buy and sell second-hand fashion, and it’s only gotten easier with their new partnership with The Iconic.

“We’ve partnered with THE ICONIC so you can re-sell, rent and recycle your pieces back into a circular economy after you’ve worn and loved them,” the site says.

How does it work? Basically, when you shop on The Iconic you can toggle the ‘Add to AirRobe Wardrobe’ option each time you put an item in your cart.

Then when you buy them, it will automatically set up an AirRobe account and wardrobe with all the details of the items you bought.

That way you can just hop in and get straight to reselling them when you’ve worn the pieces and are ready to let them go.

You can also buy and sell directly through AirRobe or their other partners.

Head over to the AirRobe website for all the details.


Is this the kind of style you love? Shop it preloved on Depop. (Credit: Instagram/Depop)

What Gen Z shopper hasn’t heard of Depop at this point? It’s one of the most popular ways to buy and sell preloved fashion in Australia for a reason!

All you have to do is sign up for the app, create and account and start listing the pieces you’re ready to part with.

The app will also suggest items that suit your own personal style, and you can follow specific people if you love to shop their wardrobes.

“Be part of the community that’s transforming fashion one item at a time,” the Depop website reads, and yeah, we’re totally on board with that.

Head over to the Depop website for all the details.


Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring, just ask Poshmark shoppers. (Credit: Instagram/Poshmark)

You’ve probably heard your favourite YouTube and TikTok stars mention this platform, which has been huge in the US.

Now Poshmark has arrived in Australia and allows you to list, sell and buy preloved fashion through its easy-to-use app with plenty of protection.

Just snap a photo of the item you want to sell, make a listing and when you’re ready to sell, Poshmark will provide you with a provide you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed label to send the piece off to its new owner.

You can also shop thousands of other users items on the app, from designer fashion to trendy brands like House of CB and Glassons.

Head over to the Poshmark website for all the details.

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