Taylor Swift’s Alleged Stalker’s Tweets Leaked

This is so creepy.
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A super obsessed Taylor Swift fan has taken his fixation with the star to the next level.

Her alleged stalker, who was arrested outside her New York home for stalking and burglary, has been harassing poor Tay on Twitter since 2014!

TMZ uncovered a series of menacing tweets from Mohammed Jaffar and they are seriously freaky.

(Credit: Twitter)

On February 7, he tweeted: “A security guard in your lobby today prevented us from sharing” candy (he was seen on February 6 wandering the halls of Taylor’s building).

Just a week later on Valentine’s Day, he bombarded her with icky poems, like one which read: “A rose for you, no longer you weren’t there. A rose for you: holding your own beauty in your moonwhite hands, [illegible] for being unbreakable, yet they cloy for modesty, yet I say — as the one who loves you — why not hold the great passions of a woman like you — you — in your hands with a saved recklessness, meant for your one time lover & friend, why not save those fiery passions for one as cold as I? — to melt the frost of an untouched life.”


(Credit: Twitter)

And on top of this, he contacted Taylor’s management 59 times between January 27 and February 6.

The stalker was arrested and a restraining order was granted to keep him away from the singer.

Eek! Poor Tay. No wonder she has all those security guards.

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