Maddie Ziegler Dishes On Her Lifelong Dream After Quitting Dance Moms

"I don’t want to always be seen as a reality TV person"
Getty Images

As much as Maddie Ziegler not returning for the seventh season of Dance Moms still breaks our hearts, we’re super excited about what’s coming up next for her!

Not only has she just been announced as the youngest ever judge on So You Think You Can Dance, but in a recent interview with Hunger mag, Maddie revealed that she’s got even bigger dreams.

“I don’t want to always be seen as a reality TV person. I want people to see that there’s more that I can do,” the super talented dancer said. “That’s why I’m heading into acting. My lifelong dream is to get a main role in a movie, and I really hope that happens one day.”

We have no doubt it will! Apart from being the standout on DM, she earned nearly 2 BILLION views online by ~slaying~ in four of Sia‘s music videos, including ‘Cheap Thrills’ which just dropped.

Maddie also said Sia’s unique vision has taught her to “not be afraid to be whatever crazy character.”

And speaking about what it’s like being friends with the pop superstar, she added: “One of the things that I find really cool is that when we go to lunch no one really knows who she is because they don’t recognise her face. I think that’s the best of both worlds.”

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